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About Us

“We don’t show movies, we build communities.”

Frontyard Features is more than just a movie event company. We are dedicated to bringing communities together and helping local businesses connect with new customers. When you choose to host a Frontyard Features outdoor movie event, you are creating memories that will last a lifetime. Our experienced event technicians ensure the highest standards of quality, and we work with you to create an event that perfectly fits your needs and the needs of your community.  Choose FrontYard Features for your event!

Choose Frontyard Features

Why Choose Frontyard Features?

Frontyard Features is not your average outdoor movie event company. We strive to go above and beyond to create an exceptional experience for our customers. Imagine sitting under the stars, surrounded by your neighbors, as your favorite movie plays on a large, high-quality screen. The atmosphere is buzzing with excitement and anticipation as you settle in with your popcorn and blankets. The sound of laughter and applause fills the air as everyone gets caught up in the magic of the movie.  Here’s why you should choose us:

Community Building:

We believe in the power of bringing people together. Our outdoor movie events are a fantastic way to foster a sense of community and create lasting connections between neighbors.

Memorable Experiences:

When you host a Frontyard Features event, you are creating memories that will be shared and talked about for years to come. Our goal is to provide an unforgettable experience for everyone who attends.  Why want you to have an Awesome time!

Rigorous Quality Checks:

Why leave room for errors or subpar execution? Our technicians meticulously inspect every element of your event setup, including sound systems and visual displays. By conducting thorough quality checks, we ensure that every component is in perfect working condition, leaving no room for unexpected surprises during your event.


Choose FrontYard Features for your movie event, email DAVE !