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Movie Licensing


Professional licensing services brings numerous benefits that go beyond simply complying with legal requirements. With their in-depth knowledge of the industry, these experts can help you create a seamless and successful outdoor movie event in Missouri.

Efficient Processing:

Professional licensing services streamline the licensing process, saving you time and effort. They handle the paperwork, negotiations, and payments, allowing you to focus on other aspects of event planning.

Access to a Vast Movie Library:

Licensing companies often have access to an extensive collection of films across genres and eras. They can assist you in selecting the perfect movies to cater to your target audience.

Professional licensing services

You’ll want to contact either Swank (314-984-6000) or Criterion (1-800-890-9494) for proper licensing.


Q: Can I show any movie I want at my outdoor event?

A: No, you cannot show any movie without obtaining the proper licensing. Copyright laws protect filmmakers’ rights, and unauthorized screenings can result in legal consequences. Outdoor movie licensing ensures that you have the necessary permissions to showcase copyrighted films.

Q: Is outdoor movie licensing only required for public events?

A: Outdoor movie licensing is necessary for both public and private events. Even if you are hosting a screening for a closed group, such as a company event or a community gathering, you still need the appropriate licenses to comply with copyright laws.

Q: How far in advance should I apply for outdoor movie licensing?

A: It is recommended to begin the licensing process well in advance of your planned event. This allows sufficient time to obtain necessary permissions, negotiate terms, and complete any paperwork. Contacting a licensing expert as soon as you start planning your event will ensure a smoother process.

Disney films are subject to restrictions, so be sure to ask Swank or Criterion about your planned event dates.

FRONTYARD FEATURES is NOT RESPONSIBLE to ATTAIN the MOVIE RIGHTS of the DVD for PRESENTATION.  For a small fee, we can download a show copy, restrictions apply.  In short, the host group is SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for PROVIDING the FILM for the EVENT.

To learn more about licensing, just ask Dave!